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HVAC Services

We offer a wide selection of services and take pride in ensuring the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or commercial business.

Air Conditioning

If you are considering a replacement of your air conditioning system for your home or business in Royal Palm Beach, Chaar Cooling LLC offers a variety of options along with expert recommendations that increase comfort and savings.

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Investing in a new furnace not only saves money on your monthly energy bills, but also improves overall comfort by consistently maintaining an even temperature throughout your home or business in Royal Palm Beach.

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Heat Pumps

A professional Chaar Cooling LLC heat pump installation provides year-round climate control.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC unit and its components will result in it having a longer lifespan. Your machine will breakdown less often and you will experience less air duct leaks and problems than if you never clean your system.

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Commercial HVAC

A good quality, reliable HVAC system begins with a quality installation. At Chaar Cooling LLC, we never cut corners to ensure that your HVAC system is perfect for your commercial space and its heating & cooling requirements.

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HVAC Contractor

With unmatched expertise and the industry’s most excellent equipment, Chaar Cooling LLC offers a full-suite of quality-assured HVAC services for competitive rates. From our in-depth consultations to the final stages of the installation, we guarantee a wonderful customer experience.

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HVAC Balancing

Our team of certified contractors do more than make sure your windows aren't causing drafts. We perform full diagnostic tests on your systems, measure the tension of your HVAC unit's belts, and so on.

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HVAC Installation

For all your HVAC needs, look no further than Chaar Cooling LLC. Our team is proud to supply homes and businesses with a full range of heating and cooling installation services.

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HVAC System Replacements

Chaar Cooling LLC specializes in HVAC replacement. If your unit is old, outdated or broken, we can install a new, fresh and economic one.

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